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  A true pioneer in the natural cosmetics movement, Jane Iredale created her mineral-based natural makeup line in 1994, long before most of us had given a thought to going chemical-free. As a television and film producer, Iredale saw first-hand how skin disorders and sensitivities threatened the careers and self-esteem of actresses for whom appearance was directly linked to their success. She responded by developing a safe and natural cosmetics line that was not only free of chemicals and other irritants, but also enhanced the health of the skin.
Since that time, Iredale has continued to lead the natural cosmetics field by using the latest in chemical-free, mineral-based technology to provide you with an ever-growing selection of professional products in an extraordinarily wide range of shades, textures and colors. Her company also has a strong sense of corporate responsibility, adopting environmental practices that minimize their carbon footprint, contributing to local organizations that support animal rights and the arts, and supporting national initiatives like The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.
The Nature of Beauty is proud to be a Silver iPartner with Jane Iredale - the Skin Care Makeup.