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Loyalty Program
  • During this first week of our new website launch the loyalty program will not be in effect. We will manually go through and apply loyalty points to any customer that registers and purchases during that time until it is active.
  • Sign in before each purchase (not registered? Just click on "login" at the top of the screen). 
  • Receive 1 point for every $1 you spend at Natureofbeauty.com. 15 points equals $1 toward your next purchase. 
  • When you place your order, an Invoice will be sent to you via email, and at the bottom you will see your total accumulated points. 
  • To redeem points, select "Pay with Loyalty Points." 
  • You will see your total earned points, the number of points needed to purchase using all points, and a box for entering the number of  points you want to use.  
  • You can pay for part of your order using points by entering the number of points you want to use toward your purchase, followed by "Submit Order." A screen will pop up letting you know that you have a remaining balance. Choose credit card or PayPal to complete your payment.