April 11, 2015

So I do fair amount of traveling...in my travels I am always seeking out local and unique or interesting things to bring on at The Nature of Beauty. Strangely enough a trip to Bend, Oregon led me to a little candle company in Tennessee. I was browsing around an adorable little shop in Bend and came across a small copper tin with a lovely label on it. (I'm a sucker for gorgeous packaging!) I wasn't even sure what it was but I picked it up and opened it and lo and behold there was a double wick candle inside!! I am now officially "addicted" to the Tobacco Vanilla scent of the Mark Twain library candle from Paddywax! I keep it on my desk and literally cannot stop smelling it all day long...gotta get my fix! I never would have imagined that "tobacco" anything would smell good as I have never smoked and loathe the smell of cigarettes. But it is actually the tobacco plant flower that smells so delicious. So being the amateur detective that I think myself to be, I tracked down the company, did a little research and found a local rep where I could go check out the rest of their offerings. Getting to see and smell all the other options was wonderful, and finding out that they are all soy wax hand poured candles with uniquely and thoughfully sourced vessels was even better. The Nature of Beauty now offers 3 of their lines of candles: The Library Collection, the Foundry Collection and the Upcycled Eco Collection. The Library Collection is definitely unisex but men would love it! Great fathers day gift idea or for any occasion if they love books and authors. Each one bears the name and quote of a famous author and smells reminiscent of a mahogany-clad library from an estate of a different era. The Library Collection comes in a smoked charcoal glass jar or a small copper tin. The Foundry Collection comes in beautiful metal vessels and 3 scents.The Upcycled Eco Collection uses upcycled wine bottles and offers unique, interesting scents like Grapefruit Coriander and Bordeaux Fig. I always love a candle that looks as pretty as it smells and these candles have impressed me with their good looks, natural ingredients and heavenly scents.


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