With his unparalleled scientific knowledge and expertise in plant life, Dr. Alkaitis has created one of the most dynamic personal-care lines available on the market today. Unlike virtually every other skin care line on the market today, all Dr. Alkaitis products are formulated and manufactured by Dr. Alkaitis himself. All extracts are made in-house from biodynamically grown plants, herbs, and fruits, delivered directly to Dr. Alkaitis Laboratories in West Sacramento, California. All products are biologically active, and you will not find a synthetic chemical, "naturally derived" ingredient, trans-fat or GMO (genetically modified organisms) anywhere in this line of organic skin food. In short, we think Dr. Alkaitis has created one of the most - if not THE most - perfect, potent, and pure line of skin care in the world. 

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The Nature of Beauty Lotion and Leaves