Double Lip Pencil


Logona presents an all-new line of luxurious, NaTrue certified lipstick pencils. Creamier than a lip pencil, longer-lasting than lipstick, these pencils are easy to apply and deliver photo-ready results.


Castor oil, triglycerides, glycerol ester, candelilla wax, myristyl myristate, beeswax, mica, carnauba wax, organic shea butter, fatty alcohol, fatty acid ester, Alaria esculenta seaweed extract, cranberry seed oil, appleseed extract, natural vanilla fragrance, vitamin E, vitamin C palmitate, linalool, mineral pigment CI 77891. May contain +/- mineral pigments CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, natural pigments CI 7


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The Nature of Beauty Lotion and Leaves

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