Permanent Makeup Training - Microblading


Learn the skills and secrets of permanent makeup from an industry expert. Jennifer Baskin has been doing permanent makeup for 16 years and performs all services on the face at The Nature of Beauty Spa in Minneapolis, as well as areola tattooing for breast cancer patients and scar camouflage in different medical offices throughout the Twin Cities. 

-Microblading is an 8 hour training including theory and hands on
**4 hour Fundamentals class is a prerequisite

If you are completely new to the field and would like to learn certain skills such as just Microblading, Fundamentals is a prerequisite and Pigments class is not a prerequisite but is extremely helpful. Clients is also extremely helpful unless you are in the beauty industry and understand the aspects of working by appointment with industry clientele.

If you have already had previous training then this class may not be necessary unless you feel that your trainer did not give you in depth knowledge of these areas;

  • What is Microblading and history
  • who are good candidates - not everyone!
  • Hand tools
  • Needle gauge
  • Needle configuration
  • Stretch, pressure and pull
  • Hairstroke patterns
  • Customizing an artistic look and pattern
  • Practice and critique
  • Drawing and Layout
  • The golden ratio
  • Quick, easy methods to perfect drawing
  • Photography
  • hands on model application

Please contact Jennifer directly: for more information and set up a time to meet as well as a tentative timeline for training.

Paperwork submitted to the state and Apprenticeship under the Supervision of Jennifer is required to complete the training process, although the required 200 hours to attain technician licensure is not required to be completed with Jennifer. As an apprentice holding a Temporary Technician license with the state of MN you are allowed to have multiple Supervisors. If you want to continue the 200 hour Apprenticeship with Jennifer at The Nature of Beauty in Minneapolis that is an option and we take apprentices on a first come first serve basis of availability depending on which day you are available to work and see clients.


The Nature of Beauty Lotion and Leaves

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