Guitar String Gold Lapis Lazuli Necklace

guitar string, lapis lazuli

lapis lazuliis a stone of wisdom, truth, & power. vibrating with the throat & third eye chakras, it encourages honesty, deep communication, good judgement, & harmony. it is a stone of creativity, imagination, inner strength, & friendship, offering protection & peace to its wearer. its element in feng shui is water.

Greta Ruth, the creator of Tsii Made is a singer/songwriter, and makes many of her pieces with her own guitar strings. you can hear her music here.

The strings each have their own history. They carry the creative energy of the musicians who wrote, performed, and played music with them. This is one of the most exciting things about working with instrument strings.

In order to highlight this positive energy, Great cleans all of the strings that she uses for jewelry with alcohol and then cleanses them with palo santo and sage.

Whenever possible, the name of the musician whose strings were used for a specific piece is recorded on the tag, so you that can go explore their music.

Your Tsii piece is completely handmade, one-of-a-kind, and repurposed with love and intention.

Tsii, pronounced “tsea,” is one of the nicknames given to Greta Ruth, creator of Tsii Made. She created Tsii in order to share and explore the healing powers of hand crafts, the magic of objects and their renewal, and the little joys of life, as well as to put her own used guitar strings to good use.