Double Eyeliner Pencil


Our top-selling Logona eye pencils just got a makeover! Now these dual-tipped kajal eye pencils include two complimentary shades, allowing you to easily customize your look. BDIH and NaTrue Certified.


Ingredients of all colors: Algin, hydrolyzed wheat protein, jojoba oil,
essential oils, henna, cassia leaves, buckthorn bark, walnut shell powder,
indigo leaves, sudanese tea, rhubarb root, rhatany root, coffee, curcuma root &
beet root, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, hydrogenated vegetable glycerides,
talc, isopropyl myristate, castor oil, tocopherol,calcium carbonate, stearyl
citrate, hectorite, essential oils.

BDIH and NaTrue Certified, made with wood from certified sustainable forestry projects.  


Emphasize and contour your eyes in a very uncomplicated way. Thanks to their
skin friendly formula and smooth texture, you can also apply them to the inside
of the lid.

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