Permanent Makeup Training - Brow Mapping + Design



Brow Mapping + Design is a 3-4 hour online theory only training. This class is REQUIRED for any new student or apprentice prior to working on brows on live models or clients.

If you have already had previous training then this class may not be a necessity, unless you feel that your trainer did not give you in depth knowledge of these areas;

  • The Golden Ratio
  • Face Shapes
  • Unfortunate Situations and Asymmetry
  • Apps
  • Simplified Steps
  • Brow Mapping 101
  • Practice Guides
  • Different Tools - string vs compass vs old school
  • Recommendations
  • Shaping a Brow
  • Numbered Points on a Brow
  • Stencils and Surgical Pens
  • Game Changing Tips + Tricks
Looking for information on apprenticeship in Minnesota or the ability to work on live models after trainings? Click Here

Learn the skills and secrets of permanent makeup from an industry expert. Jennifer Baskin has been doing permanent makeup for 19 years and performs all permanent makeup and tattoo services at The Nature of Beauty Spa in Minneapolis, as well as areola tattooing for breast cancer patients and scar camouflage at Midwest Plastic Surgery in Edina.

Please contact Jennifer directly: for more information or with further questions.

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