Selenite + Kyanite Earrings


These gorgeous and unique earrings will catch the eye! Featuring selenite stones in different colors and shapes, choose your favorite or collect them all! Gold or Silver ear hooks are comfortable to wear all day, and stay secure with small rubber stoppers on the backs.

Selenite crystals were appreciated by Ancient Greeks who named the transparent or translucent white gypsum crystals “selenite,” which means “moon” in Greek. The milky, pearly gypsum almost glows, making it look similar to the moon. They actually made windows out of selenite mineral rocks to let in the light so they could see more clearly, which is a part of selenite meaning.

Deposits of selenite mineral rock are located in a number of areas around the world. There are deposits on every continent. Selenite rocks are actually a type of mineral rock known as gypsum. It is extremely soft with a Mohs scale rating of 2. Selenite wands can actually be bent slightly. This natural flexibility is a part of selenite meaning.

Kyanite is a gemstone that you will rarely encounter in the typical jewelry store. Most people have not heard of kyanite, as it is infrequently used in jewelry. It is an "exotic" gem. Perhaps that is what makes it so interesting?


The Nature of Beauty Lotion and Leaves

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