Sugar Waxing


Sugaring is a gentle, non-toxic alternative to waxing. The paste is comprised of only 3 ingredients (lemon, sugar, and water) and is tolerated by most skin types and much kinder to the skin. Because the sugar only adheres to hair and dead skin, results are smooth, non-irritated skin that lasts for 2-3 weeks.


Brow $20
Lip  $20
Chin $10
Lip and Chin $25
Bikini $40
French Bikini $50
Brazilian Initial $75
Brazilian Maintenance $60
Tummy $10
Half Leg $60
Full Leg $110 
Lower Arm $25
Underarm $25
Partial Back $50
Full Back $80


Shevaun is our resident sugarist and loves the smooth, long-lasting results that are achieved with this technique.

Post Care

To avoid irritation, keep the skin clear and free of fragranced lotions or exfoliating products for 24-48 hours post treatment.

Do not exercise immediately following service.


The Nature of Beauty Lotion and Leaves

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