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About Us

About The Nature of Beauty

The home for all of your favorite Organic Beauty Products, The Nature of Beauty is part of the Smart Beauty movement, in which looking beautiful doesn't have to mean shutting off your brain. With over twenty brands of top-quality, high-performing skin care, hair care, and makeup, The Nature of Beauty is the first business in the country to have a comprehensive online and in-store boutique as well as an organic spa. Owner Jennifer Baskin, along with her team of estheticians, offer an unsurpassed depth of knowledge and experience with natural and organic beauty products. Greenwashing is not tolerated, and helping customers differentiate between truth and fiction when it comes to their beauty products is a key mission at The Nature of Beauty. 

The Nature of Beauty Spa is staffed by experience estheticians who are passionate about delivering visible results using safe and effective skin care, tools, and procedures. By offering classes, one-on-one education, and top-notch services, these women can help you achieve and maintain gorgeous, healthy skin. 

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