Sample Policy


EXISTING CUSTOMERS: $20 minimum product purchase

NEW CUSTOMERS: no minimum product purchase required!! (this is for first time customers only and yes we do check order history!!)

PLEASE NOTE: The shopping cart will allow you to add more than 5 samples to your order BUT will notify you at checkout that it is an invalid order. Edit your sample quantities to 5 or less to allow successful checkout.

Here’s your chance to try Nature of Beauty’s natural and organic makeup, skin care, and hair care! 

We hand make our samples to order specifically for you when you place your order for those vendors that do not manufacture pre-made samples. Samples are either .25 or .50 cents each, or $1 depending on the brand of sample you choose

Most of our samples will contain enough product to give you an idea of color, texture, smell, and feel of the product. Some, but not all, of our $1 samples are deluxe size, depending on the brand, and contain enough product for a few days of use. Simply select which samples you want from the samples page and add them to your cart.

Part of the reason the sample policy was created is to allow customers to purchase makeup or skincare with confidence that the item will work for them. Our return policy allows returns on unused product within 30 days. We recommend if you are purchasing an item you have never used before, to also order a sample size of it if available so you can use the sample first, make sure it works and if not, the full size product can be returned unopened within 30 days.

Existing Customers: If you order samples only with no minimum product purchase of $20, we will cancel and refund your order and email you to place a qualifying order.


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